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In the last century, Christianity has exploded on the African continent. Growing from 8 million to over 300 million, Christians find themselves in the majority in most African countries. UWM desires to partner with these local believers to help strengthen the local church. Due to the explosion of growth, many churches need help in gospel centered discipleship and training. Our UWM teams serve in this incarnational way through primary and secondary education, agricultural training, village outreach, church planter training, internships with local partners and much more. God is at work in Africa through United World Mission, would you consider joining us?

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In most of Asia, Christianity is a minority religion. It is known in many places as the “Westerner’s religion.” In several countries, this is changing. The indigenous church is becoming stronger than at any other time in history. UWM is partnering with indigenous leaders to help establish more churches, equip better leaders and engage in holistic development. Our teams are involved in medical missions, an adventure and trekking business, education, church planting, campus ministry and much more. The Asia region is home to 60% of the world’s population. There is an overwhelming need for more laborers. God is at work in Asia through United World Mission, would you consider joining us?

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In the wake of the decline of Christianity, Europe has emerged as a post-Christian, pluralistic, secular, post-Modern and somewhat anti religious continent. United World Mission is connecting with local church leaders to help equip a new generation of leaders with a view to reaching and discipling those who have not yet heard the Gospel expressed in a relevant way. As the face of Europe is rapidly changing it is also deeply affected by wave upon wave of refugees. These immigrants, hearts filled with hope and despair, experiencing persecution, racism and rejection represent a massive opportunity for the Church to reach out in a holistic and missional way. United World Mission is partnering with local churches and European ministries to meet basic needs, provide education and counseling and to offer the love of Christ to these who have wagered and lost everything in hope of finding a better life. United World Mission is intentionally involved in evangelism, in Church-planting, in training, education, mentoring and discipling as it seeks to help his Church in Europe meet the challenge of the day.

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For centuries, the dominant religion in Latin America has been Catholicism. However, the Evangelical church has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and continues to grow. Evangelicals now account for 20% of the population in Latin America. United World Mission is excited to be a part of what God is doing, as we come alongside national ministries to partner together to strengthen the local church. With more than 90 national partners from Mexico to Argentina, UWM is working alongside nationals to equip leaders, train and disciple local pastors and ministry leaders, serve and care for the marginalized including children, youth and women, raise up and disciple the next generation, mobilize Latinos for global missions, and more. The Church is growing throughout the region, but there is still a great need for discipleship, training, mobilization, and meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people. God is at work in Latin America, would you consider joining us?

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Due to a variety of complex relationships, the Middle East is not an easy place for Christianity. With persecution as the price for believing, many are fleeing the area. But God is doing something new. Muslims are turning to Jesus through visions and dreams. One of our partner churches put it like this: “A movement like we are seeing has not happened in our history. We have a golden opportunity to reach many more. We don’t need to miss this open door.” UWM seeks to partner with leaders that have this same vision. We serve our Middle East partners with quality leaders that are skilled in administration, videography, youth ministry and sports, education as well as others. God is at work in the Middle East through United World Mission, would you consider joining us?

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North America is a region that has not typically been thought of as a region that needs missionaries. However, the need is enormous, and over the past several years God has been moving people groups by the thousands to this region from hard to reach and unreached places around the world in the form of refugees and immigrants. Imagine living in a city among communities of diverse ethnic people groups from across the world without leaving the United States. You can smell the aroma of fresh Kababs and spicy food permeating the air from Asian and Middle Eastern cafes. You can hear a variety of foreign languages being spoken, and you see hundreds of people wearing their cultural dress all around you. The fact is, this scene plays out in almost every major city in the US. It may surprise you that within the United States there are at least 348 legal Unreached People Groups (UPGs) and Unengaged people groups (UUPGs). What is an unreached people group? These are ethnic people groups that are less than 2% Christian. Unengaged peoples are those who have never come in contact with the Gospel. These are the peoples that we see coming to the US by the thousands every year. Through the refugee crisis we see people arriving here who have been forced from their homeland due to war, religious persecution, violations of human rights, effects of conflict, and ethnic violence. Still others come to the US in the form of immigrants. God is moving people, His people, for His glory, from unreached places around the world to within our reach in our country and home cities. United World Mission is committed to reaching these people groups who have left their homelands to live in ours.

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