The church today is global, missional, and interdependent. This creates opportunities that have never been seen in the history of missions.

It is not just missionaries that directly impact the world. Your church can go directly and make a huge difference! We have trusted relationships with gifted, highly dedicated national leaders who have great vision for their nations. They lead churches and seminaries, church planting efforts and ministries for mercy and justice.

We can help your church connect and partner with the church anywhere in the world where you feel called.

We’ll help you cross cultural and language barriers. We’ll assist in identifying outreach goals, and how to use resources without unhealthy dependency, and how to grow your church through short-term groups alongside your global partners.

An Example of Global Partnership!

A small denomination in Cuba had a vision to plant new churches with Cuban leaders all across the island. 

We helped connect 10 North American churches and a Costa Rican seminary with the churches in Cuba. Cubans provided vision and personnel. Churches adopted provinces and sent short-term teams. Donors helped fund training events. UWM staff facilitated the partnership, helping the partners connect for common goals despite language and culture differences.


  • Cuban leaders trained.
  • House churches planted.
  • Cubans refreshed by friendship.
  • Costa Rican professors given cross-cultural experience.
  • North American churches encouraged and transformed.