Are you called to serve cross-culturally?

This is a daunting question. That’s why we want to help you in your journey to discover the calling God has placed on your life. And below are some resources to guide you along the way.

Personality Type

You were created in the image of God. That means He’s wired you in a specific, particular, beautiful way. One way to discern His call and purpose for your life is to better understand the personality He’s given you.   Discover more about your personality type:

Enneagram Fast Test    16 Personality Test


Spiritual Gifts & Pathways

Just like our unique personalities, God has given us specific spiritual gifts to help fulfill His purposes throughout the world. And one way to discern the role God wants your life to play in His mission is to be aware of the gifts He’s given you to utilize for His purposes.

Spiritual pathways help us identify the ways we most naturally connect with God.   Learn more about how you grow spiritually.

Your Spiritual Gifts    Your Spiritual Pathways


Cultural Settings

Another way to measure and discern God’s call is for you to gain awareness into the kind of cultural setting and situation you need in order to live … and even thrive.  Find out more about adapting in different cultural settings:

The Culture Test


Need more help or guidance?

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