Master of Arts of Biblical Studies and Theology

Want to double up your time serving with Avance and also work towards a master’s degree?

Our apprentices can serve and study, earning a Master of Arts of Biblical Studies and Theology with a focus on intercultural studies through our academic partner Sioux Falls Seminary and their Kairos program.

The Kairos program allows for practice-based, in-field learning, meaning your service with Avance applies directly to the core outcomes of the degree and your degree learning works directly to the benefit of your ministry. Your time in Avance, your service in your local ministry, and the contextual, discipleship, and spiritual formation components of the Avance program all fit directly into Kairos outcomes. We estimate that to earn the MA degree it only takes about 3-4 hours extra per week than the typical Avance program.



Want to earn a seminary master’s degree at a fraction of the typical cost?

Sioux Falls Seminary’s tuition plan works out to be about ⅕ of the cost typical seminary programs if completing the degree while serving with Avance.


Program Outcomes

  • Articulate how life in Christ exhibits the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit as formed in the Christian community and devoted to the glory of God.
  • Demonstrate skillful, in-depth biblical study and awareness of interpretive frameworks.
  • Demonstrate effective cultural exegesis through empathetic reflection on worldviews in a particular area of biblical, theological, or anthropological study.
  • Articulate a coherent Christian theological understanding that informs ministry.
  • Demonstrate an appreciative and critical awareness of various Christian traditions.
  • Articulate and engage vocation in mentored life, intentional Christian community, and whole-life stewardship.


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