Be equipped for cross-cultural service before you go! CIT helps you grow in relationship with God, understand yourself, and embrace a new culture and language with humility, faith, and a plan!

The Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) prepares you to make it on the mission field, and to make a difference while there. You will learn about yourself. You will learn more about God. You will learn about adapting to and growing to love a new culture. CIT terms start four times a year, making an entry point easy.

“If man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever, then the Center for Intercultural Training joyfully exists to train, equip, and mobilize God’s servants to bring and be that message of hope, life, and joy to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. I could not imagine an abundant and lasting service for God’s purposes for God’s people in the nations without that equipping. Thank you CIT!”

JP, India


The CIT experience

Some people think is easy to be a missionary in another culture. For most of us it is a monumental challenge! Advance preparation can help us adapt and serve well.

The Center for Intercultural Training offers a pre-field missionary training program designed to get you ready!

Equipping for Cross-Cultural Ministry
Our four week course prepares you for integrating into a new culture with a “learning posture.” It gives you tools for understanding differences among cultures, and how the Bible speaks to all. Age-specific learning environments help every member of the family prepare for the transitions ahead.

Language Acquisition
Our two-week module helps missionaries-in-training understand their preferred style of learning a new language. It sets you up for success in learning any language around the world.

Spiritual Retreat
We also offer a week-long spiritual retreat at CIT.  CIT provides a supportive community and a quiet campus near the mountains of western North Carolina. It is a great environment for processing the transitions in your life as you plan to launch as a missionary. Intentional spiritual formation is integrated throughout the program to help you give attention to what is going on in your heart, and how God is at work in you.


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