The Avance España program exists to form young adult cross-cultural missionaries exploring the missional life and serving the Spanish Church with their time, skills, and gifts.

Come as a learner and servant.

Our apprentices not only contribute to the impact of what God is doing in the Spanish context but are also highly impacted by serving alongside friends and national ministry leaders.

Come as a disciple and strengthen local ministries so that many more in Spanish society might experience the transformative walk with Jesus.

Year-Out Ministry Focus Areas:

  • Youth Mentor
  • Faith Community Apprentice


Duration: 1 or 2 years

Arrival: We accept apprentices throughout the year

Cost: $2,495 USD/month + airfare & resource development training

We operate under the 5 Cs of experiential learning and the 5 Ps of developing a missional posture:

Congregation { Content, Character, Capacity } Community

  • Content, Character, and Capacity, also known as head, heart, and hands, is a holistic approach to discipleship and formation, stressing knowledge of context and faith, growth in discipleship, and adding new skills and abilities.
  • All learning is done in context. Our apprentices serve local congregations, ministries, and churches, learning from them and engage and learn from their geographic communities where they serve.

Presence > Proximity > Participation > Passion > Proclamation

  • To be acknowledged you must demonstrate a loving presence in the context.
  • To be welcomed you must live faithfully in proximity to your community.
  • To be received you must participate in the struggles and joys of life with your neighbors.
  • To be trusted you must demonstrate the passion that God has for your friends.
  • To make God known you must live your testimony and proclaim God’s reconciliation, redemption, and restoration.

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