The gospel changes everything.

How people wrestle with grief, understand love & human dignity, marry, work, raise kids and ultimately live eternally is all impacted completely by surrender to our Creator and belief in Christ. Right now, 40% of the world is still unreached- meaning most will live and die without ever meeting someone that can share the gospel of Jesus with them, unless someone goes. The time is now to join in the global task and follow Jesus cross-culturally as He transforms lives from darkness to light.


To work ourselves out of a job by equipping the nations to carry out the gospel work of Christ in a way that transforms their nation for the generations to come.


Equip for sustainability.

In our experience, strong partnership with nationals and contextually training up the local church allows for gospel movement that’s sustainable and replicable by the global church.

The Process

We are committed to walking with you as friends on the journey. Here’s a glimpse of
the process to become a missionary with United World Mission!

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United World Mission is a missions sending agency that outfits cross-cultural workers globally. We seek to be trusted Ministry Outfitters who equip, encourage and multiply leaders worldwide as we walk with them as friends on the journey and adventure of Jesus’ mission.

Our 400+ staff work in education, holistic community development, and business amongst a diverse variety of people groups in 53+ nations.

What UWM Missionaries are Saying

"When we accepted God’s calling to train and develop indigenous Christian leaders, we didn’t think finding a sending agency would be difficult. Unfortunately, we kept running into people that wanted to shift our calling to fit a traditional missionary role. UWM helped us find a ministry placement that fit both our calling to equip local leaders and the needs of our family. Along the way we’ve been thankful to be a part of a mission that cares about what God is doing in us and what God is doing through us."

Dustin, Katie & Abel Scott
Dustin, Katie & Abel Scott
Serving in Scotland since 2018

"We attended Entry Point while discerning whether or not we were called to be overseas missionaries. As we had the chance to meet with UWM leaders, engaged in the spiritual formation retreat day, and learned the core values of UWM we were drawn more and more. We felt seen, heard, and supported as individuals during our discernment process. Finally, support raising was a big mental barrier for us, but the training given at Entry Point gave us the courage to follow God’s call!"

Bill & Jenny Seagren
Bill & Jenny Seagren
Serving in Czech Republic since 2017

"We lived a couple of years serving internationally prior to CIT. The majority of that time was spent in a cultural immersion missions program. Although we learned so much during our season abroad, the materials covered in CIT have been so healthy and formative for our return to the missions field. Admittedly, we didn't think we 'needed' further training but we were totally wrong and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is returning/going out to serve the nations."

Erik, Kaylie, Echo & Zinnia Cole
Erik, Kaylie, Echo & Zinnia Cole
Returning to Mexico for long-term service

"United World Mission provided live training and coaching around the why and how of successfully enlisting a team of ministry partners and raising support. We admittedly began with a serious dread of support raising. We left with an elevated sense of mission and a real enthusiasm for sharing the opportunity for partnership with potential supporters. Six months later we raised our full support budget and were able to leave to begin our new lives in South Africa. "

Ron & Aladrian Elmore
Ron & Aladrian Elmore
Serving in South Africa since 2016

"After 25 years of missionary service, I participated in a UWM spiritual formation retreat. The Lord spoke to my heart deeply about God as my Father as I had grown up without an earthly father. Afterwards, I was invited to the spiritual mentoring training, which allowed me to pass on the gift of love God gave me in a fresh way. It provided the tools I needed to reach out and serve more effectively. I have had the privilege to see God bring lasting changes in lives, including my own."

Mirna Sotomayor
Mirna Sotomayor
Missionary serving in Mexico since 1990

"I started my journey into missions with big dreams and aspirations to see fruitfulness in where I was called. Yet the reality of mission work is not a victory lap, but a bumpy marathon. Eventually, shame set in and we found ourselves feeling excluded, misunderstood, and alone. This isn't the end of our story however. In UWM, we have access to our Member Care Team. They helped us through listening, being curious, and asking wise questions that has brought greater health and humility to ourselves and our ministry."

Rawee, Nui, Matt, Mitch & Manas