The cities and unreached peoples of the world need few things more urgently than new churches with local leaders.


Missiologist Leslie Newbigin says:

“The only hermeneutic for the gospel is the local church.” (Gospel in a Pluralistic Society)

Newbigin means that local churches are God’s best evangelist! When churches live in biblical community, love their neighbors, and share the message in the local language–people stop, look, and listen. The church, when it lives as it should, makes the gospel plausible and compelling to its neighbors.

Starting new churches is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission in all nations. We’re not talking about buildings or denominations. We’re talking about forming communities of disciples for Christ’s compassionate mission in the world.

Our way of church planting is to come alongside national church planters rather than plant churches ourselves.

Come join us and our partners in church planting around the world. It takes a pioneering spirit and a radical love for people. It takes an openness to new forms of church. It takes a deep desire to encourage national church planters in one of the greatest–and most challenging–tasks in the world!

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Partner with UWM

If you lead missions in a U.S. local church that senses a call to global church planting, we can share partnership possibilities with you.

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Equipping Leaders

90% of churches in the world are led by men and women who have little or no training for ministry.

Our goal is bold: To make relevant theological education, practical training, and spiritual formation accessible to every ministry leader in every nation!

You can help make it happen!

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Establishing Churches

People far from God need a church up close.

Church planting is needed in every major city and in every unreached people group of the world.  We help local church planters start new churches that proclaim Christ as Lord and pour themselves out in loving service for their communities.

You can help national church planters to impact a neighborhood, city, or people group.

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Engaging in Holistic Ministry

Compassion for people was the heartbeat of Jesus.  

The risen Lord Jesus sends us out to victims of human trafficking, to children-at-risk, and to men and women stuck in cycles of poverty and injustice.  We partner with the church in these contexts to help them share Christ’s love and find sustainable solutions for their communities.

We cannot preach what we do not live.

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