Serve with brothers and sisters in Christ as they work to reach the heart of their city.

Located in the 10/40 window, Bangkok is less than 1% Evangelical, and it is strategic not only because of its influence on Thailand, but also on all of Asia. God has brought many people from surrounding countries to Thailand for work, study, or sanctuary. Normally difficult to reach due to political or geographical barriers, they are now in a land of religious freedom where they can hear the Gospel.

We believe a strong local church can reach its own people best, and the Thai church is currently in an exciting time of growth. Still, they are an extremely small minority, and as the local church mobilizes outward into the ripe fields nearby, cross-cultural workers can encourage and empower their work. Cross-cultural workers can also help “break the ground” in unengaged areas through prayer and building relationships. 

There is still a great need for long-term overseas workers in Asia, yet the number of workers from North America decreases every year. The emerging generation is ready to take up the challenge, but few organizations are prepared to provide the mentoring and development they desire as they pursue ministry overseas.


Urban outreach and college ministry

This placement is for someone who is passionate about outreach, particularly with college students and young professionals. They will participate in building relationships around spiritual conversations, initiate opportunities for community outreach on local university campuses or coffee shops, and help to develop and equip others to share and live out the Gospel.   

Red-light ministry

This placement is for female staff members whose main focus will be building relationships with Thais in the red-light districts. They will be supporting an existing Thai ministry, which could include going on regular bar outreaches, relational follow-up, and supporting the ministry’s aftercare efforts. 

Teaching marginalized children

This is a placement for flexible teachers with a passion to contribute to a uniquely impactful opportunity on the outskirts of Bangkok. The role will include working under Thai leadership to teach students from marginalized people groups, ranging in age from 3-20. Because their parents are mostly migrant workers, the students are unable to attend regular school. This person must be able to create fun and engaging lesson plans, work with local leadership to acquire teaching supplies and equipment, and teach outdoors for extended periods of time. Past teaching experience and credentials are preferred but not required. The participant may have opportunities to teach several different subjects as the ministry has needs. These subjects could include: English, Math, Sciences, Art, etc. 

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