Serve with brothers and sisters in Christ as they work to reach the heart of their city.

Located in the 10/40 window, Bangkok is less than 1% Evangelical, and it is strategic not only because of its influence on Thailand, but also on all of Asia. God has brought many people from surrounding countries to Thailand for work, study, or sanctuary. Normally difficult to reach due to political or geographical barriers, they are now in a land of religious freedom where they can hear the Gospel.

We believe a strong local church can reach its own people best, and the Thai church is currently in an exciting time of growth. Still, they are an extremely small minority, and as the local church mobilizes outward into the ripe fields nearby, cross-cultural workers can encourage and empower their work. Cross-cultural workers can also help “break the ground” in unengaged areas through prayer and building relationships.

There is still a great need for long-term overseas workers in Asia, yet the number of workers from North America decreases every year. The emerging generation is ready to take up the challenge, but few organizations are prepared to provide the mentoring and development they desire as they pursue ministry overseas.


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Meet Our Avance Thailand Staff


Jay has worked over a decade in Asia leading teams into frontier locations. His heart for adventure has brought him into uncharted places from Bali to Kathmandu. Yet, more than adventure, his heart beats to see true worship ringing throughout creation. As Avance Thailand’s Site Director, his region-wide perspective brings strategic focus (and FUN!) to all that we do. He, with his wife Kay, currently makes his home in the wild megalopolis of Bangkok.


Kay is an experienced nurse with the gift of administration. She loves bringing harmony to anything that can be planned—ask her what the “best” route and fare to Bangkok and she’ll tell you! Serving as Avance Thailand’s Director of Operations is a perfect fit as she keeps everything (and everyone!) in line. When she can find spare time, she likes to withdraw into a comfy spot with an iced latte and read good historical fiction.


Bailey has a wealth of experience in her relatively short time overseas. Her experiences drive her to caring for and raising up singles on the field. In her role as Director of Community Formation, she brilliantly facilitates spiritually deep connectedness throughout our community. Along with her full-sized poodle, Zona, she’s always ready to welcome people into the fold.