Institutes for Excellence, regionally tailored
workshops for seminary leaders.

Institutes for Excellence are professional development workshops for school leaders and faculty. The workshops are tailored to the needs of school leaders, and responsive to the contextual realities of each region. We aim to promote effective theological education that shapes the minds, hearts and abilities of the students served.

Each year, OC hosts various workshops, both in person and virtually, that bring together over 100 schools, and over 400 school leaders and faculty in the regions we serve.

The goal is for graduates to lead like Jesus, so that the churches flourish in their context – fulfilling God’s mission in this world.

Institutes emphasize the role of theological seminaries to serve the church through:

  • Partnerships
  • Diverse modalities of theological education
  • Church-based education
  • Training pastors to train the people in their churches


More well-equipped leaders will guide churches and ministries
in bringing the transforming gospel to people and nations.