Today, 9 out of 10 churches worldwide are led by leaders who have not received adequate ministry training. That’s 90 out of 100 churches! 900 out of 1,000! This represents a staggering need and a tremendous opportunity.

Without adequately trained leaders, churches are open to heresies and leadership that conforms to culture, not to Christ. With adequate training, leaders are more prepared to flourish and to help their churches do the same. Overseas Council exists to meet this global leadership challenge.

Dr. David Dwight

“How does the Kingdom of God advance in the world? This life-giving, soulfreeing, good news kingdom of Jesus Christ – advances one heart, one life, at a time. And as Jesus suggested in his parables and teaching about the Kingdom, this “invisible advancement” yields visible changes and beautiful fruit…changes, and fruit in our lives and in the world. So how does this happen in our day? The same way it happened in His day.

By developing leaders, planting churches, and offering Christ-centered holistic ministry to meet human needs. Who’s doing this work better than anyone I know of? United World Mission! This is our calling as Christians, this is our work, and this is why I’m excited to personally support the mission of Confronting The Global Leadership Challenge.”

-Dr. David Dwight, Senior Pastor of Hope Church

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