North America

North America is a region that has not typically been thought of as a region that needs missionaries. However, the need is enormous, and over the past several years God has been moving people groups by the thousands to this region from hard to reach and unreached places around the world in the form of refugees and immigrants. Imagine living in a city among communities of diverse ethnic people groups from across the world without leaving the United States. You can smell the aroma of fresh Kababs and spicy food permeating the air from Asian and Middle Eastern cafes. You can hear a variety of foreign languages being spoken, and you see hundreds of people wearing their cultural dress all around you. The fact is, this scene plays out in almost every major city in the US. It may surprise you that within the United States there are at least 348 legal Unreached People Groups (UPGs) and Unengaged people groups (UUPGs). What is an unreached people group? These are ethnic people groups that are less than 2% Christian. Unengaged peoples are those who have never come in contact with the Gospel. These are the peoples that we see coming to the US by the thousands every year. Through the refugee crisis we see people arriving here who have been forced from their homeland due to war, religious persecution, violations of human rights, effects of conflict, and ethnic violence. Still others come to the US in the form of immigrants. God is moving people, His people, for His glory, from unreached places around the world to within our reach in our country and home cities. United World Mission is committed to reaching these people groups who have left their homelands to live in ours.

Where We Work


Canada joins the U.S. as one of the most diverse countries in the world and is home to thousands of refugees, immigrants, international students, and foreign business people. Many of them have never heard about Jesus. They come from unreached people groups and areas around the world where war and persecution have caused them to flee. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Quebec City are all major settlement cities for refugees and immigrants. There is no denying the fact that God has brought the nations to Canada, a place where many are now within reach of hearing about Jesus and the salvation He offers to them. Workers are needed in Canada to engage these people groups that have come to local towns and cities. God has brought them close to us. So what will we do? United World Mission is committed to seeing people come to faith and churches planted among the many people groups in Canada.

United States of America

Unreached, Refugee, Diaspora Community Workers OPEN – According to there are 97 unreached people groups in the United States and 61 in Canada. You don’t have to the other side of the world to engage them. For seventy-five years United World Mission has been reaching those far from the gospel and over the last five years we are actively engaging more than twenty-five unreached groups right here in North America.

Many come as refugees fleeing war, genocide and persecution for a better life not realizing God is ordering their steps for His church to engage them, discipling them into His kingdom. Presently we are working Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Philadelphia, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Atlanta however we desire to follow God into other major cities in North America.

If you are passionate about reaching unreached peoples, refugees, or diaspora in any of the following cities we would be interested in talk further with you about your passion and vision. Charlotte, St. Louis, Seattle, San Diago, Tampa, Detroit, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Toronto, or Vancouver. Bring your skills and see His Kingdom grow!