The global church needs few things more urgently than its own highly trained leaders.

Many non-Western schools welcome missional scholars who will cross cultural boundaries and work out their calling with both humility and expertise alongside their local faculty.

UWM’s Theological Education Initiative (TEI) recruits, deploys, mentors, and develops such missional scholars. If you are seeking a pathway for serving in theological education cross-culturally, TEI may be the family that awaits you!

We work with partner theological communities in Africa, Asia, Euro-Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Imagine how God might employ your carefully honed vocation beyond the well-trodden path. Daring to cross boundaries like these will bend but not break you. Texts find new contexts. Ancient truths become refracted through churches that are just awakening to their robust vocation. The making of keen-eyed disciples who will revel in your exegesis while they teach you to pray becomes your daily thing. The daughters and sons of your new home will teach you ways and rhythms that, in time, you will love. Now that is legacy!


Why is TEI necessary now?

The exponential growth of the church in the Majority World and the urgent need for theologically shaped leaders who will nourish and sustain that growth is a strong enough argument by itself. But there’s more…

“TEI carries out its work with a deeply collaborative spirit. TEI seeks to nurture that particular kind of cooperation that transcends both historical distances and diverse levels of sophistication in theological scholarship. TEI opens up spaces where musings, questions, perplexities, and reflections—whether from East, West, North, or South—flourish in each local context and at the same time become the syllables of a redemptive, global conversation.”

Elizabeth Sendek Paba
President, Biblical Seminary of Colombia
UWM/TEI missional scholar