Overseas Council provides life-changing scholarships for emerging leaders around the world who have the greatest promise and the greatest needs.

Over the last ten years, contributing partners of Overseas Council have provided nearly $500,000 annually for scholarships, enabling approximately 1,000 students each year to be equipped at 100 OC Partner schools around the world.  We are excited that one-third of these scholarship recipients were women who are called to ministry roles. Your gifts multiply as students graduate and go on to plant new churches, equip other leaders, and multiply disciples.



Think about the value of sponsoring a local student who will become a future leader of the Church in the Majority World.  In many countries the cost of a year of training is only a small fraction of what similar training would cost in a Western seminary.


Commit to finance all or part of a student’s study needs for $1,200 per year, or find a few friends who will join with you to fund the scholarship. Sponsorship funds can be paid monthly ($100, or an amount you choose) or yearly ($1,200).


Women’s Scholarships in Majority World

This project addresses the lack of access to theological education among women leaders in the Majority world. While the Church has made progress in some places in increasing the leadership training and participation of women in leadership roles within local congregations, women’s education is still an enormous challenge.


Middle East Student Scholarships

Did you know that the Church is growing in the Middle East? Without well-equipped, flourishing leaders who are rightly dividing, teaching and preaching Scripture—and serving in the Way of Jesus—churches are wide-open to heresies and self-inflated leadership. We don’t just hope for more churches in the world. We hope for more churches that are led by well-equipped leaders.


A scholarship gift makes a welcome contribution to the needs of the entire seminary and are distributed at the discretion of the seminary for those students who are in most need.Per IRS rules for charitable contributions, your gift supports the scholarship program that is administered and overseen by the partner seminary. Your gift will be combined with contributions from other donors and will be used to support the education and training being provided to students selected by the seminary. Donations represent an unconditional intent to give, not a legally binding promise or pledge to give.