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In addition to our core ministry offerings, we have identified specific projects in various parts of the world that will advance leadership development in strategic, innovative ways.



Theological Education Consultants (Formerly Known as Regional Directors)

Theological Education Consultants are a group of individuals who are devoted followers of Jesus Christ and possess a proven track record in theological education. They are respected members of the communities they serve, and have held senior positions in educational institutions. They play an instrumental role in assisting schools and leaders to identify areas of growth, and design strategies that cater to the specific needs of each individual institution. By building strong relationships with school heads, they are able to provide faculty formation, consultation, and training to program leaders. Their expertise and guidance can help create a healthy and effective learning environment, leading to success and growth for schools, leaders, and students alike.

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Women in Theological Education – Africa

United World Mission seeks to make theological education and ministry training accessible to the high number of pastors and leaders who are outside the reach of current programs. Research indicates that 9 out of 10 men and women currently leading churches in the Majority world lack formal theological education. This project addresses the lack of well-equipped women leaders in the African Church who typically face even more obstacles to formal training than do men. While there are several organizations supporting theological education generally, women-to-women mentoring programs are a novelty on the continent – especially in theological education.

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