Latin America

For centuries, the dominant religion in Latin America has been Catholicism. However, the Evangelical church has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and continues to grow. Evangelicals now account for 20% of the population in Latin America. United World Mission is excited to be a part of what God is doing, as we come alongside national ministries to partner together to strengthen the local church. With more than 90 national partners from Mexico to Argentina, UWM is working alongside nationals to equip leaders, train and disciple local pastors and ministry leaders, serve and care for the marginalized including children, youth and women, raise up and disciple the next generation, mobilize Latinos for global missions, and more. The Church is growing throughout the region, but there is still a great need for discipleship, training, mobilization, and meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people. God is at work in Latin America, would you consider joining us?

Where We Work


Recent economic and political problems have threatened the country’s stable social systems and increased class divisions. But in the midst of social stresses, Christ has been made known. The Church is focused on evangelism, leadership development, and holistic ministry. We partner with local churches and ministries in the areas of theological education and Christian camps focused on discipleship, church-planting, and leadership development.


Brazil faces tremendous social challenges with significant class divisions and a growing number of materially poor people. However, the churches in Brazil are relatively strong and they are sending missionaries to unreached peoples in Brazil and around the world. We work alongside local ministries focusing on equipping leaders and pursuing holistic ministries to build local churches and serve the marginalized and poor. We also partner with two seminaries that need and welcome missionary scholars.


The Evangelical Church in Chile has seen rapid growth, but needs leadership development and ministry training for continued healthy expansion and outreach. While the Church is relatively strong among Chileans, it is not mobilized for reaching the unreached people in Chile. We partner with local churches to reach the Mapuche people through church-planting, discipleship-training, and community development.


Despite decades of civil war, drug-trafficking and violence, churches in Colombia have multiplied in cities and rural areas. This growing Church needs theological education and ministry-training to shape churches for holistic witness in their nation. We partner with several national seminaries and ministries focused on providing biblical leadership development and theological-training for local pastors and ministry workers. We also partner with ministries focused on at-risk children as well as discipling college students.

Costa Rica

Church growth in Costa Rica has been strong in numbers, but biblical forms of leadership, spirituality, and holistic outreach are weak. Many Costa Rican leaders, however, are seeking to develop training programs, holistic outreach, and mission agencies to impact Costa Rica and the world with the love of Christ. We work with Costa Rican schools, seminaries, and holistic ministries in the areas of Christian and theological education, community development, serving at-risk children, and missions mobilization and training.


The church exploded with growth in the 1990s and 2000s. The Cuban Church is focused on developing leaders, continuing to evangelize and plant churches, and finding ways to send Cuban missionaries around the world. We have three separate partnerships in Cuba, focused primarily on leadership development and ministry-training but also on church-planting and church development.

Dominican Republic

A high receptivity to the Gospel in the Dominican Republic has led to a doubling of the number of evangelicals from 1990 to 2010. The main needs today are for ministry-training to strengthen the new churches, equip leaders, disciple believers, and send holistic outreach to the world. We serve with Dominican churches focusing on the areas of church-planting, leadership development, and holistic ministry.


Despite political and economic problems coupled with (sometimes violent) opposition to evangelical churches, the Gospel has firm roots in Ecuador. Many indigenous tribes have strong churches after decades of evangelism, but the Church throughout the country needs biblically grounded leaders and help with holistic outreach. We partner with local believers to equip church leaders in their local contexts and Ecuadorian missionaries for cross-cultural service around the world.


A beautiful country of majestic mountains and lush jungles, Honduras has suffered from rampant violence, corruption, and poverty. The Church is faced with addressing the challenges of the poor and to reach the under-reached indigenous groups in the country. We serve with Honduran partners in the areas of church-planting, indigenous outreach, and holistic ministry that includes health care, at-risk children, and community development.


Mexico is the world’s largest Spanish-speaking nation, but Evangelicals make up less than 8% of the population. Large regions of the country are unreached, especially among indigenous people. Mexican churches need significant help with discipleship, church-planting, and leadership development. We partner with local churches and ministries to evangelize, plant churches, engage in holistic ministry, and mobilize Mexican missionaries for the world.


Civil war has marked Nicaragua, and the country frequently faces natural disasters from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to hurricanes. Despite all the natural and political hardships, God is at work. Christians comprise the majority of the population, and Evangelicals are dedicated to holistic ministries and evangelizing the unreached people of the nation. We partner with local ministries dedicated to reaching their communities through holistic ministries and Christian school seeking to form the next generation of Christian leaders in the country.


The Church in Panama is fairly large, but its impact is significantly less than its size. The Church needs help to strengthen its biblical foundations and to be mobilized for evangelism and discipleship. We partner with local ministries, specifically in the area of Christian camping that contributes to church-planting, discipleship, and leadership development.


Paraguay is known as the “Heart of South America,” as it is nestled between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The Church has been most effective in making Christ known through education and holistic ministry. We serve with local believers through a Christian school and holistic ministries targeted for at-risk children.


The Peruvian Church is thriving, but it also faces tremendous societal challenges of poverty, drug-trafficking, and street children. Church-planting among indigenous groups is prospering, and ministries of mercy and justice have been leading people to Christ. We partner with local ministries to establish churches and develop leaders in both Ecuadorian culture and among the Quechua people. We also partner to serve at-risk children.


In the midst of significant social and political stress, many Venezuelans are turning anew to Christ. The Church is finding ways to disciple new believers who have been affected by drugs, poverty, and spiritualism. We work with a local seminary to help disciple and develop local church leaders.