Red Light Ministry – Urban Advocate

As an Urban Advocate in Bangkok, Thailand, build relationships with Thais in the red-light districts. Support an existing Thai ministry & go on regular bar outreaches, follow up on contacts made with individuals in the bars, and support the ministry’s aftercare efforts.


Located in the 10/40 window, Bangkok is an unreached metropolis with less than 1% Evangelical Christians. The Thai church is in an exciting time of growth but is still an extremely small minority. As the local church grows, cross-cultural workers can encourage them & empower their efforts to reach the city & beyond. 


Bangkok Team Mission & Vision


As a team of relational, passionate learners, we cross language, cultural & racial barriers to develop pathways for reaching people who have never heard the gospel. 


To strengthen Thai ministries we partner with so they’re sustainable & flourishing while also engaging UPGs in neighboring regions through regular prayer & vision trips. 


Have a heart for the unreached and women coming out of prostitution? You may be a fit as an Urban Advocate in Bangkok, Thailand. Select this opportunity, send us your short inquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon!


This team is accepting applicants ages 18-29 year olds in partnership with our Avance Program for young adults.


*This role is available to female applicants.