In most of Asia, Christianity is a minority religion. It is known in many places as the “Westerner’s religion.” In several countries, this is changing. The indigenous church is becoming stronger than at any other time in history. UWM is partnering with indigenous leaders to help establish more churches, equip better leaders and engage in holistic development. Our teams are involved in medical missions, an adventure and trekking business, education, church planting, campus ministry and much more. The Asia region is home to 60% of the world’s population. There is an overwhelming need for more laborers. God is at work in Asia through United World Mission, would you consider joining us?

Where We Work

Central Asia

After the end of the Soviet Union, Islam has reemerged as a central cultural force in the Central Asian nations. The Church faces varying levels of persecution, but small groups of national, evangelical believers are growing. We partner with local believers in several Central Asian countries focusing on outreach, church planting, and life-on-life discipleship models through business as mission endeavors.

South Asia

The population in South Asia is booming as quickly as the region’s economic power on the world stage. The Church faces difficult obstacles including religious persecution, systemic poverty, and a rigid class system as it tries to reach the region’s high number of unreached people groups. We partner with local believers in a variety of holistic ministries–micro-finance, medical programs, and education outreaches–to meet physical needs while sharing God’s love through intentional relationship building.

Southeast Asia

Buddhism and ancestor worship, economic hardships and human trafficking, imperialism and communism, all greatly influence the nations of Southeast Asia. Despite apathy to the Gospel or even outright persecution, the Church is growing and maturing. We partner with local believers to focus on outreach, church-planting, discipleship, and holistic ministry through intentional relationship building and business initiatives.


Thailand is a majority Buddhist country that maintains religious freedom. Even after more than a century of Christian mission, however, brothels outnumber churches and evangelical believers are less than 1% of the population. Hope for a breakthrough in Thailand blooms with increased openness to the Gospel, and significant unity and vision among evangelical leaders. We partner with local churches and believers to focus on church planting, leadership development, and holistic ministries, including anti-trafficking efforts.