Serve with brothers and sisters in Christ as they work to reach the heart of their city.

Mexico City is the largest city in Latin America, with approximately 21.2 million people in the entire metropolitan area. It is a hub for business and culture in Mexico and a leader in Latin America.  Accordingly, it is an important and strategic location for ministry outreach in multiple areas.

It is also a city, which contains a clear mixture of prosperous and poorer neighborhoods. Community development projects are important in many of the poorer communities. Mexico City is also the home to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the largest university in Latin America. This university serves a little over 187,000 students.

Mexico City is a massive urban complex, with an effective transportation system which includes a subway, light rail, a modern train system in the north of the city, various forms of public buses, taxis, bici-taxis, etc.  It is also a cultural and historical center with many world-class museums, locations of interest, theaters, fine arts centers, etc.

Every year, since 1971, young people — just like you — have come to Mexico City through Avance to serve alongside the Mexican church to see Mexico impacted for Christ.

Jesus took on flesh and dwelt among us in our broken world, becoming a servant. As you take classes to understand the language and culture, participate in a local body of believers, and serve in ministry under Mexican leadership, you will learn how to effectively minister in this context.

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