Our Mission

Equipping servant leaders with the Church for God’s mission.


We best fulfill our calling when we serve with the global Church to equip local believers for ministry. As we help plant churches and do evangelism, assist ministries of mercy and justice, and contribute to theological education and training, we seek the holistic formation of current and emerging leaders.

Our Vision

A flourishing church in every place embodying Jesus’ love for every person.


A flourishing Church proclaims Christ’s gospel, embodies it in reconciled communities, and demonstrates it through acts of service, mercy, and justice. This vision requires local leaders who are formed theologically, spiritually, and practically so that they serve in the way of Jesus.

Our Values

1 Seek God First

We prayerfully seek God’s Kingdom and presence, desiring to be transformed by the Spirit into the likeness of Jesus and empowered for his mission.

2 Partner for mission

We serve alongside churches and missional partners globally, reflecting the unity and interdependence of the body of Christ.

3 Never stop learning

We commit to continuous learning with our global mission family and local co-workers, forming communities of learning for innovative and contextual ministry.

4 Infuse equipping in everything

We strive to equip faithful servants for leadership through who we are and all we do.

5 Commit to community

We seek to follow Jesus’ way of love and servanthood, nurturing healthy, mutually supportive relationships and valuing the interests of others before our own.