Join us as we engage Spaniards in holistic ministry throughout the year under local leaders, sharing Christ’s love with our neighbors.

Granada is a walkable university city and known for its life outdoors. Daily rhythms include going out for coffee mid-morning with co-workers or tapas late into the night with family and friends. What makes Granada so special to its residents are: the liveliness of one of the most important universities in Europe; the historical ties with its neighborhoods at the foot of a medieval castle; the nightlife of eating out and strolling the quaint city streets; and enjoying nature through fun hikes, lounging on the coast, or practicing rigorous outdoor sports.

Avance España exists to serve under and alongside local leadership, congregations, and ministries in Spain. Currently, in Granada, our participants serve our partner ministries through the local church, university ministries, English clubs, social outreach, sports, and art. In the next five years, we would like to see our partnerships expand and participants serving in two more cities in southern Spain.

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