Meet Our Team

Our team combines experience and consulting capacity of national leaders based in strategic locations globally and other consultants who provide their expertise for our ministry. They serve as consultants and trainers to help uncover the greatest theological needs and facilitate excellent ministry education in partnership with seminaries.

Director of Global Training

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Ernest Clark as our new Director of Global Training. Dr. Clark’s primary focus in his new role is the strategic development of our Regional Training Hubs, while also providing oversight for Overseas Council (OC) and the Theological Education Initiative. We are confident that Dr. Clark’s expertise and experience will be invaluable to our team, and we look forward to working with him to achieve our goals.

Dr. Clark served 14 years in India, where he coordinated non-formal training programs to equip new leaders. Recognizing the need for formal theological education to contribute to non-formal, he completed his PhD in New Testament at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He taught for four years at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, an OC partner school, before joining UWM.

Global Staff

  • John Jusu, PhD – Theological Education Consultant (Anglophone Africa)
  • Mardochée Nadoumngar, DMin –  Theological Education Consultant (Francophone Africa)
  • Taras N. Dyatlik – Theological Education Consultant (Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
  • Helga Dyatlik – Regional Training Hub Leader (Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
  • Abraham Najjar, PhD – Theological Education Consultant (Middle East and North Africa)
  • Jaison Thomas, PhD – Theological Education Consultant (South Asia)
  • Jessy Jaison – Regional Training Hub Leader (South Asia)
  • Joanna Soberano – Theological Education Consultant (Southeast Asia)
  • Victor Chan – Theological Education Consultant (Asia)
  • Peter Chang  – Theological Education Consultant 
  • Scott Cunningham – Senior Consultant
  • Ashish Chrispal – Senior Consultant