In the last century, Christianity has exploded on the African continent. Growing from 8 million to over 300 million, Christians find themselves in the majority in most African countries. UWM desires to partner with these local believers to help strengthen the local church. Due to the explosion of growth, many churches need help in gospel centered discipleship and training. Our UWM teams serve in this incarnational way through primary and secondary education, agricultural training, village outreach, church planter training, internships with local partners and much more. God is at work in Africa through United World Mission, would you consider joining us?

Where We Work

Democratic Republic of the Congo

After enduring horrific war and genocide from 1996-2002, the Congolese Church is rising up and growing. Training and developing Congolese Christian leaders to transform Congolese society is central to their mission. We partner with the Congo Initiative and the Christian Bilingual University of Congo to help develop Christian leaders for work in theological and church education, the marketplace, and the political arena.


Mali is one of the poorest nations on earth. Local churches seek to share good news in word and deed, but the challenges of poverty and corruption are great. Literacy rates are as low as 15%, and Mali faces the present danger of civil war. United World Mission began making disciples among the Malinke people in the 1950s. Today, we partner with local churches for leadership development, discipleship, radio ministry, and church-planting among unreached groups.


Senegal is a majority Muslim country that maintains freedom of religion and political openness to Christian missionaries. Despite severe poverty in many parts of the country, it is a stable nation with a small but committed Evangelical Church. We partner with the Senegalese Church in Dakar as well as in key areas of the country among the Serer, Diola, and Wolof people. Our focus is leadership development, discipleship-training, church-planting, and all types of holistic ministry.

South Africa

The Church in South Africa serves in a context of deep racial divide and social strife. A vital need is to create a new generation of leaders, but present models struggle to provide leadership-training for the booming young population. Another challenge is to mobilize the Church for global mission, especially in unreached parts of Africa. Our East Mountain community partners with local churches and Christian ministries for leadership development, spiritual formation, and practical ministry experience.


Tanzania’s value of religious freedom has contributed to its peaceful history. While the Church has grown, it continues to contend with extreme poverty and lacks well-trained leadership. We partner with local church, school, and community leaders to foster spiritual and economic development by equipping local leaders to become disciple-makers and be instrumental in transforming their communities.


The Church in Uganda is large and growing. Uganda is also a fertile field for the Gospel. Violence from the Lord’s Resistance Army, however, has left deep scars in the nation that the Church is trying to heal. We partner with local churches and ministries in areas of community development and holistic ministry to bring the hope and healing of the gospel to Ugandans.