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Donate  I’ll be working with a team that uses outdoor sports such as rock climbing and hiking to mobilize and support long-term work to see isolated mountain minorities become reached.


Donate I will be teaching at a school in Central Asia and working with other ministries that our team facilitates.

31269 – Daniel & Rachel A.

Donate Our mission is to come alongside leaders (national and expat) to encourage, mobilize, equip, and mentor them in seeing the Kingdom “come on earth as it is in heaven” in East Asia that will produce healthy reproducing churches. Our Four Rivers ministry focuses in the areas of Pray (prayer mobilization and equipping with 24-7 Prayer); Equip […]

31403 – Brian & Renee Alex

Donate We have been serving in Sicily since August 2013. We are working with indigenous church leaders to ignite a church-planting movement in Sicily: our life-long passion.

27191 – Lisa Anderson-Umana

Donate Lisa Anderson-Umana serves as a part of a team effort to equip Latin church leaders to program camps that transform the lives of campers in Christ. She lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with her husband Alfredo and two children: Valerie and Victor.

27167 – Jorge & Gail Atiencia

Donate Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia, focusing on the formation of Bible Expositors on a variety of fronts. The preaching “minischools”–where pastors as well as laymen and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year period–continue to thrive and multiply in various locations throughout Central and South America.

31002 – Brian & Tita Avery

Donate Brian came to know Christ as a child while serving in the church. Later, he was led to evangelize and teach children the Bible. The Lord called Brian specifically to missionary service in Guatemala though his work as the Director of a Christian School and on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

31415 – Matthew & Gayle B

Donate We serve the Lord Jesus among the Diola of southern Senegal with the hope of seeing a disciple-making disciple in every village between Kafountine and Bignona.

31527 – L B

Donate Our ministry is centered around building relationships and sharing Christ with unreached people groups and villages in remote areas of East Asia.

27006 – Ray & Phyllis Bedwell

Donate Ray and Phyllis came from a strong missions church in Indiana, worked as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff, and then did their graduate studies at Columbia International University.  They began service with LAM in1969 and spent their first term in camp work at Roblealto and in youth ministry from their home in Heredia, Costa Rica.

27513 – Matt & Lisa Befus

Donate We have spent most of our lives in school, first as missionary kids in Costa Rica and Colombia respectively, then as college students and teachers in Illinois, and since 1998, as teachers/administrators at La Palabra de Vida (LPDV) school in Costa Rica.

11016 – John & Melinda Bernard

Donate John and Melinda Bernard have been missionaries with United World Mission (UWM) since 1989, and John has served as President since 2002.  Prior to returning to serve in organizational leadership, John and Melinda completed a four-year term of missionary service in Spain.

22811 – Dave & Esther Bettney

Donate David and Esther have served with LAM Canada in Honduras since 2006. They are blessed with two children, Grace (born November 2011) and Zach (born March 2013). They serve at Comunidad Educativa Evangélica (CEE), a Christian bilingual school located in Siguatepeque.

22822 – Hernán & Rosa Bravo

Donate In the year 1988, God called Hernán and Rosa to serve as missionaries in their own country, founding churches in places where the gospel had not been preached. As of 2015, they have founded 3 churches and supported leaders and pastors to start 36 new churches in the Colombian Caribbean Coast and 4 in […]

31127 – Doug & Syd Bray

Donate We have been ministering throughout the whole world in the area of International Evangelism for many years. We have been with United World Mission since 1990. In recent years we have been spending our time primarily in India teaching Evangelism and Mission at the Hindustan Bible Institute and College with the passion of helping […]

31598 – Michael Brocker

Donate As I grow in my personal relationship with the Lord and desire to love Him more every day, I cannot ignore a call to follow Him overseas in missions work. This summer I have an incredible opportunity to travel to Cork, Ireland to serve with UWM missionaries there.

31235 – Alan & Whitney Brown

Donate Alan and Whitney have served in Greece since 1995, working among the Greeks, Gypsies, Migrants and women in prostitution.  They have three daughters who are now living in the U.S., studying and working.

31596 – Rebekah Butler

Donate I am so excited to be serving in Colombia for 8 weeks this summer. I will be working with Viento Fresco, which is a Christian organization that cares for at-risk children and women in Medellin, Colombia.

27370 – Ross & Kay Carey

Donate Ross Carey teaches at ESEPA Seminary, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Some of his courses have been the book of Acts, Missions, Leadership, Mentoring, Life and Home of God’s Servant, and Evangelism since he began in 1994 on campus in Costa Rica.

27460 – Pablo & Jane Carrillo

Donate As new open doors have opened for Latin American missionaries to serve in restricted access countries they are learning how to share His love effectively with their new neighbors and more local people are asking to be told more about Jesus.

31572 – Chelsea Clay

Donate East Mountain exists to develop Christian leaders for global missional service. We are a Community where leaders grow – spiritually, biblically and practically.

27583 – Bessy Macotto de Cofre

Donate Bessy and Tito are dedicated to promoting the use of camping as a tool for completing the Great Commission. They facilitate the formation, equipping and supporting of leaders in different evangelical churches through building and growing national teams for camping ministry in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

31597 – Hannah Corbus

Donate This summer I have the opportunity to join together with German nationals and a group missionaries to serve refugees living in the Hamburg area as well as be a part of starting an Arabic speaking Christian church.

11048 – Billy & Kate D

Donate Our focus is partnering with existing ministries Bangkok, Thailand to see transformation in the lives of millions who have no knowledge of Jesus. We are forming a new ministry program that will allow men and women interested in missions to come and serve for a summer, six months or a year. During this time […]

31582 – Maci Davies

Donate This summer I will have the opportunity to serve with the Latin Mobilization Center in Mexico City as a business administrator and hospitality team member.

25787 – Carolyn Deemer

Donate Carolyn graduated from Cedarville University in May 2010 with a double-major in Spanish and music. Pursuing a love of God, the Spanish language, and Latino culture, she went to Mexico for Avance’s summer program in 2009.

31489 – Rachel Draeger

Donate Ever since I was young, I’ve had a heart for serving those trapped in poverty. Through a friend, I heard about Viento Fresco in Colombia and felt God’s call to help serve the children and families here.  

22806 – Nery Duarte

Donate Nery and Pam Duarte have carried out a multi-faceted ministry in Costa Rica since joining LAM Canada in the early 90s. Nery’s current ministry focus includes pastoral and chaplaincy work at a local prison. He also counsels church leaders and missionaries.

32040 – Rodney & Kathy Duttweiler

Donate Rod felt the call to overseas missions after a few years at Wheaton college. Kathy felt the pull to missions after her first year at Wheaton. We saw missions would be a part of our lives and sensed a short term mission service was our next step.

31150 – Mark & Annemarrie Dye

Donate Mark and Annemarie equip church leaders to take up the mandate of making disciples of the nations. This is accomplished through training workshops, seminars and teaching courses in several institutions in the area.

31096 – John & Bonnie Edwards

Donate John & Bonnie attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles before moving to Salinas, California where John worked as a Civil Engineer for 22 yrs. They joined United World Mission in 1989 after making several trips abroad to participate in short term mission projects.

27381 – Suzanne Emery

Donate Based on Isaiah 61:1, Created to be Free hopes to contribute to the prevention and understanding of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as a brain based physical disability and thus help the Church and greater community love people with difficult behaviors better, like Jesus does.

11076 – Callie (Wulf) Fulton

Donate I currently serve at UWM’s home office as the Mobilization Team leader and the Mobilizer for Latin America. Since my first mission trip to Honduras when I was fourteen, I’ve been passionate about missions and serving others. I graduated from Hope College in 2009 with a degree in International Studies and Spanish.

31304 – Chris & Kirsten Furr

Donate Chris was called to missions at age 17 during an old-school missionary slide show. At age 19 he received a call specifically to serve God in Europe. Kirsten loved France, the French language and the French people.

31384 – Rollin & Wendy Grams

Donate Rollin and Wendy grew up in South Africa and have served in ministry in Europe, England, the USA, Africa, and South Africa. Rollin prepares men and women for ministry. He was called to mission work while completing his doctoral studies in New Testament through his of experience teaching in Singapore.

31450 – Alex & Maggie Halbert

Donate Alex and Maggie are in the process of raising support to serve alongside the East Mountain team in Stellenbosch, South Africa. East Mountain is a ministry of United World Mission, dedicated to developing Christian Leaders for global missional service.

31433 – Kristin Hartness

Donate My journey to Eastern Europe began in 2011 after returning home for a short-term mission trip to an unreached people group in Southeast Asia. While serving there, God opened my eyes to the fact that there are people in the world who have no opportunity to hear the name of Jesus spoken, much less hear […]

27242 – Jim & Robin Heimberger

Donate Jim and Robin have lived and served in and around Mexico City for over 26 years. After planting 3 churches and turning them over to national leadership, Jim now works exclusively with COMIMEX (Missionary Cooperation of Mexico), whose goal is to send Mexican missionaries to the least evangelized parts of the world.

31463 – Rich & Rachel Hendrikson

Donate We have been called to reach a people group that has had the true identity of God twisted and blurred. Our desire is to bring clarity to those people through the local church.

31511 – Adria Hinrichs

Donate I am in the process of raising up a team of financial and spiritual supporters in order to move to Taveta, Kenya. There, I will be serving the local church through music, children’s ministry, hospitality, and Taveta Children’s Assistance, a program that provides local children and families with physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment.

31238 – Todd & Sarah Hunnicutt

Donate Todd, Sarah and Lili Hunnicutt, together with their UWM teammates, the Hlastans, work in partnerships with various churches and organizations to help Slovene churches plant more churches.

31561 – Isaac (Zack) Jimenez

Donate My ministry will be working with high school and college age students across Mexico City! I am excited to be working within the Campus Outreach arm of Avance during my time in Mexico. I love the energy for life this age group has and I look forward to building relationships with some of the […]

27478 – Paul & Nydia Johnson

Donate Paul and Nydia serve with Avance (formerly Spearhead). Paul has served as Director since 2004 and Nydia as Spanish Coordinator since 2005. Nydia was born and raised in Mexico and first came to know about Avance as a young person involved in a church that hosted Avance participants.

31507 – Michael & Carrie Johnson

Donate Our call to missions emerged as we heard stories from missionary friends who described the great need for European pastors and leaders. These stories of pastors in European countries who needed more theological training and stories of Christian workers across Europe who were worn out with serving in challenging, spiritually dark places, touched our hearts […]

31578 – Audrey Jordan

Donate I am excited to announce that beginning in January 2018, I will be serving as an intern with United World Mission’s Avance: España!

27530 – Gustavo & Rochelle Karakey

Donate Gustavo and Rochelle Karakey are serving with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC) in Medellín, Colombia where Gustavo is teaching with the New Testament department.  Gustavo is also working on his dissertation as he pursues a PhD in New Testament from the London School of Theology.

27116 – Edwin & Carolyn Kerr

Donate  We participate in Courtside Ministry, in which we stand outside the local county court and offer to pray with anyone who wants prayer. We also give out Bibles and Christian literature. If we find someone who does not know Christ we share the gospel. We pray with those who wish to rededicate themselves to […]

31485 – Nancy Kilpatrick

Donate At the invitation of a dear friend of mine who was a missionary in Africa, I joined a short-term mission team to Uganda in 2007. Through sharing God’s love, hope, and healing with women who had known unimaginable suffering at the hands of the LRA rebels, I found my own healing and God’s new […]

31263 – Ron & Hanna Krueger

Donate Ron and Hanna were imprinted by the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and honed their call to missions by taking 8 short-term trips with church teams. They began long term work in 2003, based in Nepal.

31434 – Andy & Pam LaBreche

Donate Our primary local ministry is with the international medical students through our local Romanian church. We host a house church in our home, conduct Bible studies with the believers, and help organize / host various outreach activities for the non-believers (mostly Hindus and Muslims).

27296 – Sue Leak

Donate Sue went to Morelia, Mexico, with the dream of helping high risk children.  By God´s grace a wonderful campus has been built to be used in the ministry to these needy children.  For several years they worked as a girls’ home for girls who had been on the streets.

32004 – Daniel & Myriam Liberek

Donate Born in the U.K. to missionary parents, Daniel was raised in Belgium where he became a Christian in 1973. He was trained at Columbia International University (then Columbia Bible College) and at Wheaton College Graduate School. He recently finished a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia International University.

27310 – Paul & Suzanne Luciani

Donate While serving in Costa Rica discipling young people and helping with short-term teams as a short-term missionary, I (Paul) met Suzanne, a Costa Rican, at a local church. In a remarkable way, God called us both into missions before we even started dating!  

31373 – Josh & Kari M

Donate Kari and I have been serving at Dakar Academy in Dakar, Senegal, for several years. We love working alongside our staff at Dakar Academy to offer a quality, Christian-based, American education to the missionary kids in West Africa.

31324 – Rick & Becky Mackey

Donate Our vision is to see rural Dominican churches multiply from village to village so that the body of Christ is present and active, transforming the Cibao region for Christ. We are excited about the future as we add new partners to our team.

27604 – Heather Braden de Maradiaga

Donate In August of 2011, I started serving with a partner ministry of Great Commission Church Latin America called Centro de Desarrollo Infantil (CDI) (translated as Children’s Development Center) in La Ceiba, Honduras. In November 2015, I started serving as Coordinator of CDI.

31306 – Tony & Gwen Martin

Donate We served our first 2.5-year term as church planters in Luleå, Sweden. Three months after our arrival, we launched a house church along with two immigrant women. By God’s grace, the fellowship grew to 15-20 people from four different denominations and eight nations. All were at different points in their spiritual journeys and some […]

31180 – Kevin & Wendy Mason

Donate Kevin serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Europe and Asia, based in Budapest, Hungary. We develop key projects and partnerships with local believers, which enhance and multiply church planting, leadership development and holistic ministries.

27319 – Paul & Nancy Mauger

Donate We are serving with ESEPA Seminary and the Costa Rican missions agency FEDEMEC in San José, Costa Rica, to support Latin Americans who dedicate their lives to share the love of Jesus Christ among those who have never heard of Him or even yet have the Bible in their own language.

31296 – Heidi Meiners

Donate Having a heart for those with disabilities and a love for learning about other cultures, I was excited to discover I could combine my two passions by serving at an international Christian school environment. Since 2004 I have served in a variety roles helping students with learning disabilities at the International Christian School of […]

31459 – Megan Ginder Melicharova

Donate I’ve been living in Prague since 2011 helping spiritually curious Czechs, Slovaks, and others in the city discover the character of God and how to enter into relationship with Him. I also mentor young Christian women, modeling, and teaching them what it looks like to follow Jesus.

27393 – Rebekah Meyerend

Donate Rebekah sensed the call to serve God as a missionary in a Latin country during her teenage years. She graduated from college with a teaching degree and taught at a private, multi-cultural school in Philadelphia. Later, God opened a door for her to teach in a public school in Kennett Square, Pa. among the […]

27564 – Carlos & Carrie Morales

Donate God has given the Morales’s a vision to help mobilize the Latin American church towards missions. They see the great potential of the Mexican and Latin American church to participate in the Great Commission and want to encourage the church to pray, give, encourage, and go to the nations!

25838 – Edgar & Jackie Morales

Donate Edgar and Jackie met while serving in different ministries in Mexico City. They were married in November 2014 and are now serving together as long-term missionaries with UWM. Their heart in ministry is for discipleship of young adults and reaching out to the marginalized with the Gospel.

31562 – Alden Moreton

Donate Thank you so much for your interest in the mission God has called me to!This summer, 2017, I will be seeking out the path that the Lord has set for me with a six week trip to South Africa.

27471 – Grace Morillo

Donate As of September of 2017, I serve both current and potential students in Colombia as Spiritual Formation Coordinator for CETI (Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios), an Interdisciplinary Seminary that seeks to form church leaders for Integral Mission.

11006 – Roy & Ethel Nelson

Donate Roy was called to be a missionary while a student at Bob Jones University. A missionary speaker at the college, Ruth Stahl, missionary to Brazil, gave stirring messages that touched Roy’s heart. He first heard her speak while a Freshman. When she returned to speak again in his Senior year, 1947, he gave in […]

31297 – Gregg & Julie Nicholson

Donate The Nicholson family live in Bangkok, Thailand.  Gregg serves as the Bangkok Team Leader leading the team to accomplish their mission of: “Establishing churches, Equipping Pastors and Engaging in holist mission.” Their desire and vision is to see a movement of Gospel-centered churches begin in Bangkok.

31501 – Talie Nordilus

Donate On my very first international mission trip I visited two orphanages that were barely able to provide for their orphans I found myself very upset and hurt by the things I had seen that day.

31519 – Tori O’Connor

Donate I have graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Athletic Training and a minor in Leadership and I will be serving within the East Mountain community of Stellenbosch, South Africa for the next year.

31454 – Bekka Olandt

Donate God started preparing my heart for missions far before he prepared my mind. Growing up in a missionally focused church my summers were full of meeting missionary families, hearing their stories, and being in awe of what God was doing. A seed was planted.

31139 – Jeff & Lucy Osborne

Donate We are on the UWM Kenya Team, serving in the southern border town of Taveta. We partner with a local ministry called Taveta Children’s Assistance.

31346 – P P

Donate Discipleship, mentoring, coaching, leadership development, and prayer to change one person, one team, and one business at a time for His glory!  

27224 – Mike & Nancy Palumbo

Donate Nancy was called into missions at a youth conference as a new believer of only four months. Mike’s call to missions was a longer process through many circumstances and opportunities directing him into missions.

31424 – Matt & Nicole Paschall

Donate After working several years with church planters and leaders in Senegal, West Africa, the Paschalls were invited to relocate to Eastern Europe to serve United World Mission in Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation.

31400 – Rhonda Pierce

Donate I was fascinated with missionary stories as a child saying that one day I too would be a missionary. As an adult however, I took a different path feeling I wasn’t cut out for mission work. Even so, God kept the desire alive in me.

27541 – Alexis & Nicole Pineda

Donate Alexis, from a small town of Colombia, came to Medellín in January of 2007 in order to begin his theology studies at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, and during the same year also began to serve the street children with the Open Arms Foundation. Nicole, from Maryland in the United States, after a couple […]

27286 – Carlos & Becki Pinto

Donate Carlos and Rebecca serve on loan to Reach Beyond, which use to be HCJB Global, in Quito, Ecuador. Carlos directs Reach Beyond’s missionary training center (Corrientes), which focuses on Latin American bi-vocational cross-cultural missionaries.

31144 – Paul & Dori Pittman

Donate Paul and Dori have served with United World Mission for nearly 23 years. They left behind business careers, and after appointment, pre-field training in North Carolina and Spanish language training in Costa Rica, they were assigned to serve as church planters with the Quechua people of Bolivia, who were considered at that time the […]

27616 – Jacob & Ellarie Rosales

Donate Jacob and Ellarie met on the island of Cozumel, Mexico and married in Miami, FL. After many years of preparation in Christian ministry and service, the Rosales Family returned to Mexico in April of 1999 to plant a church in Jacob’s home town, San Lucas Evangelista.

31475 – Jennifer Rowland

Donate I went on my first mission trip in 2007. There I worked with our team from church to tell children in the schools about what Jesus has done in my life, skits, and did outreach community service projects in the poorer neighborhoods.

31308 – Tim & Jan Ryder

Donate From the time we came to Christ in the early 1970’s we were both drawn by God to serve as missionaries. At Urbana and Elmbrook Church’s annual missions conferences we responded.

27087 – Bob & Nancy Sabean

Donate With a Seminary degree, plus a degree in recreation, Bob serves the Christian camping leadership throughout Latin America. The structure that serves these camps is Christian Camping International Latin America (CCILA), of which Bob is a co-founder.

27373 – Greg & Kathy Saracoff

Donate We have worked in Tijuana since 1987. With our “Team Tijuana,” we are committed to partnering with Mexican leaders who work with impoverished children, the sick, the poor, and those coming out of drug addiction.

31060 – Gary & Penny Seithel

Donate Our Dream is to build and encourage vibrant networks of leaders who together multiply disciples, who renew and multiply local churches that glorify God, grow in likeness to Jesus, serve in our community by the power of the Holy Spirit and transform society.

31503 – Jessica Shewan

Donate As a college student, I loved learning from my international friends in my Christian fellowship group. When I hear Pst. Oscar Muriu from Nairobi Chapel speak at Urbana 06, I started to understand the Global Church as the Global Body of Christ – and I was eager to go seek out the gifts that […]

11039 – Gabe & Janet Smith

Donate We help to lead East Mountain, a missional community dedicated to developing Christian Leaders for global missional service. The East Mountain Community serves leaders from all over the world through internships, seminars and events designed to develop people in the areas of spiritual formation, biblical theology and practical leadership skills.

31491 – Justin & Jeimmy Smith

Donate We are the Smiths: Justin and Jeimmy. My wife and I meet in 2004 while I was serving on a student-lead missions trip to Colombia from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. We were married in 2009, and God blessed us with two wonderful children: Anthony and Gabriella.

31479 – Tyler & Lindsey Smith

Donate Lindsey and I both learned the love of serving others through Habitat for Humanity and a homeless ministry that Lindsey helped create. In high school we took short term mission trips to both the Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

31569 – Jocabed Solano

Donate I work as the Co-Director of Memoria Indígena, a project promoted by the Peruvian Christian organization, Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope).

27247 – Mirna Sotomayor

Donate Mirna works mainly in the development of a Christian camp in Tuxpan, Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. Other ministries include teaching in the local churches in Tuxpan, Biblical counselling and support to the Nahuatl speaking indigenous groups in the region.

11020 – Rilla Springstead

Donate After a summer trip to Italy, I came to understand in a deeper way the needs of Europe and the whole world for the Gospel. God led me to serve in Europe for over 13 years, helping missionaries in administrative tasks and developing relationships with Europeans to support the church there.  

31387 – Dan Sweeney

Donate Serving in partnership with German nationals, facilitating church planting, leadership and organization development, missions mobilization, men’s ministry, and building bridges to maximize the use of resources.

11013 – Mark & Cathy Szymanski

Donate We have been actively involved in various aspects of ministry beginning in the early 1970s. Today, Mark’s role at United World Mission has expanded to include strategic partnerships in Latin America, Brazil, Africa and opening the United Sates as a mission field.  

31388 – Matt & Elena T

Donate Matt grew up in Senegal as a missionary kid and had always wanted to return to serve the Lord here. Elena received the call of the Lord on her heart to be a missionary teacher before meeting Matt.

31408 – David & Mary Ann Taylor

Donate The primary work of the Foundation is a primary (elementary) school of spiritual and academic excellence that provides local children of poor families an education and a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

31402 – Chris & Emily Teague

Donate HEART Our unique mission in Europe is to equip pastors and leaders with a special kind of resource – a model of ministry that targets the heart as the wellspring of fundamental, significant, sustained change – through the Gospel. We call it the Battle for the Heart.

16609 – Tom & Nancy Telford

Donate I was the mission leader at my home church when I attended the first ACMC conference. There, I learned that a lot of other churches were doing a better job being involved with missions than mine was. After attending a few more ACMC conferences, I felt a call to help churches in missions.

31379 – Brian & Barbara Thompson

Donate For more than 18 years, Brian and Barbara worked in industries related to communications: Brian as a producer of video and media-based training materials; Barbara as a news anchor and reporter at various television stations throughout the United States.

22823 – Ruth Thomson

Donate After graduating from Toronto Bible College, and doing her linguistic studies at the Universities of North Dakota and Oklahoma, Ruth joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and did her Jungle Training Camp in Mexico, then went on to Brazil to do linguistic research with the Kayapó, one of Brazil’s 200 tribal groups without a written language.

31584 – Will Throckmorton

Donate This past summer I had an incredible opportunity to spend 3 months working and doing ministry with a soccer academy called Ubuntu, located about an hour outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

31457 – Leo & Michele W

Donate Leo and Michele first felt called to Senegal during a global missions dinner at their church in 2007. Despite not even being able to locate Senegal on a map, they felt drawn to serve there. Leo made his first short-term trip to Senegal in 2010 and has returned with four additional teams.

27198 – Bob & Donna Waguespack

Donate Bob and Donna Waguespack have served in Mexico with LAM (and then UWM) since 1983. Bob’s ministry has centered around training believers for local church ministry. Currently he directs the Cross Cultural Missionary training program at the Mexican Theological Baptist Seminary in Mexico City.

31483 – Samuel & Shadai Waguespack

Donate Having been the son of missionaries I had in one form or another served God. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I began serving in Christian education. My wife then joined me as I started an A.C.E. school and we’ve been working with the Middle and High School students ever […]

31490 – Karen Wells

Donate To make a donation and receive a Canadian receipt, go here. When my husband Ian died of a heart attack the year I turned 40, a sense of urgency arose to use what time I had left on earth wisely for the Lord. Four years in Kazakhstan with an Australian sending agency alerted me […]

31472 – Ethan Williams

Donate I am currently serving in Pontault-Combault, France, alongside the Hendrikson family with the Église Baptiste de Pontault Combault.

31253 – John & Zsofia Wilson

Donate Zsófi became the first in her family to follow Jesus at 16. Ever since, her desire is to help others discover God’s love too. John took the longer path and only became serious about his relationship with God at Wheaton College.

27111 – Nick & Ginny Woodbury

Donate Nick and Ginny Woodbury traveled to Costa Rica in August,1969, and then on to Colombia in 1970. They ministered there living in Sincelejo and Medellin until 1987. During those years, working closely with pastors, the Pastoral Training Institute was officially established in 1982.

27504 – Mike & Sarah Yoon

Donate We’ve been involved in church planting and leaders training in Costa Rica for the past 25 years.

27285 – Daniel & Shelly Young

Donate Both Daniel and Shelly were called to serve God as missionaries in our teenage years before meeting each other. Daniel had wanted to found and build orphanages around the world. Over time Shelly felt a yearning to serve Him, who lovingly impacted her life.

27560 – Bob & Katie Van Zyl

Donate Since 1977, Bob and Kate have worked in Colombia, first translating the New Testament (published in 1991) and Old Testament portions into the Camsá Indian language and then as consultants in Bible translation (Bob) and literacy/Scripture Use (Katie) with members of over 40 people groups in the region.