Ukraine Refugees Assistance

Ukraine Refugees Assistance


The war in Ukraine has resulted in millions of refugees. Nearly one out of four Ukrainians are no longer living in their own homes. Since the beginning of the war, with your support, our seminary and church network in Ukraine has directly impacted the lives of over 500,000 refugees with food, accommodation, and evacuation from places of violence. During the harsh Ukrainian winter and the destruction of much of the country’s energy infrastructure by Russian attacks, your contributions assisted our eleven refugee centers to obtain generators and heaters. We also equipped our partners with pumps and water filters affected by the massive flooding caused by the destruction of a dam. Your gifts continue to help our Ukrainian partners become places of light and warmth, refuge and hope, help and witness, to vulnerable refugees and their devastated communities.

All contributions will be strategically distributed to our seminary partners and churches who are welcoming refugees and serving their needy communities.

How We’ll Do It:
Distribute funds to eleven partner seminaries and churches in Ukraine, so they can serve refugees by providing electricity and heat, food, medical supplies, temporary shelter, means of transportation, and spiritual and emotional support (such as Bibles and counseling).

“Please pray for Ukrainian Christians, that we will serve and live as the Community of Hope in a full sense of this term; that during these terrible times we would invite more and more people to the relationships with God and His children, to the relationships of love, hope, encouragement, support; that our minds and characters would continue to transform into the character of Jesus Christ.” – Taras Dyatlik, Overseas Council Regional Director

Give Now to Help Ukrainian Refugees
To donate by check (designating “Ukrainian Refugees”), send to:
United World Mission
PO Box 602002
Charlotte, NC 28260-2002
Or call: 800-825-5896

See how your gifts are supporting eleven Refugee Hubs, like Tavriski Christian University, providing essential supplies to Kherson, a city devastated by 8 months of Russian occupation.

Note: As of January 1, 2023 contributions to this fund will receive a 5% assessment and wiring fee to offset administrative costs