Mexico: Jesus, Our Bread of Life Church Building Fund

Mexico: Jesus, Our Bread of Life Church Building Fund


Near the top of a densely-populated urban hillside on the edge of Mexico City, the Gospel has been proclaimed in word and deed since 2004 through the “Jesus, Our Bread of Life” Baptist Church. After renting a small storefront for years, the church purchased a lot and began working on a new building as funds allowed.

With the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction has come to a standstill. The purpose of this fund is to help complete the construction of the church sanctuary, classrooms, and kitchen, as well as the pastoral residence (above the sanctuary). It will provide a safe and consistent place for the congregation to meet, a base from which to do outreach and ministry in the neighborhood, and a place for the pastoral family to live. The need is great–even overwhelming–for evangelism, discipleship, and wholistic ministry (for families in crisis, single-parent families, people battling addictions, young people participating in gangs and/or criminal activity, people in poverty, etc). Thus the underlying purpose of the construction project is to better equip the congregation to share the Gospel and serve in the immediate neighborhood and beyond.

Funds will be forwarded to the “Jesus, Our Bread of Life” Baptist Church to be used for construction materials as well as labor to complete the basic construction by summer 2022.

Short-term teams (coming to serve with UWM missionaries and other churches in the same network) have helped with the construction in the past and future teams could also participate in the building project as needed. Please contact John Pieters ( for further information about the project or potential work teams.

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