Cassandra Van Otterloo

Cassandra Van Otterloo


I am serving as a short-term missionary within the Avance Immersion Program of United World Mission based in Mexico City, Mexico. Within the Avance program, I will be staying with a host family in Mexico City for two months, serving within an appointed field of mission, interning at a local church as well as taking Spanish classes. Spiritual formation is also a key point of the Avance program, and I look forward with great joy to deep and rich spiritual growth through opportunities provided by the program. All in all, I will be learning how to effectively share the gospel with others, especially within a cross-cultural setting, and will have abundant opportunities to live out and cultivate the love of Christ each day with others, whether that be my host family or those I come into contact with both within and outside of my mission field.

Prayer Requests:

  • First, I request prayer that God would work mightily in Mexico City and around the globe in the spread of the gospel and the building of His kingdom, that more and more people would commit themselves to Jesus Christ every day.
  • Second, I ask for prayer that God would use this experience to work mightily in my own heart, that I would come to know and love Him deeper each day.
  • Finally, I ask for prayer for boldness and courage for myself as I go out to share the gospel internationally.

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