Aaron Mininger

Aaron Mininger


Eastern Congo is a place of extreme challenges, plagued by violence, disease, and poverty. It is also a place of beauty, with vibrant and resilient people. From this context, men and women came together to pursue a vision of transformation by founding Congo Initiative. They identified poor leadership as an underlying cause of many problems, and founded a university dedicated to the formative development of Christ-centered Congolese leaders to carry out societal renewal.

This university, the Christian Biligual University of Congo (UCBC), is a place where local and international people come together to “be transformed to transform”, as personal renewal leads to renewal in schools, workplaces, families, and government. As part of creating an exceptional engineering program, Aaron has been invited to come and be a professor of computer science, and to use his gifts of teaching, mentoring, and curriculum development.


Prayer Requests:

  • Resilience, patience, and health in handling the transition to living in Congo.
  • Personal growth in learning to rely more on others and on God.
  • Strength as I start classes and gain more responsibilities.
  • Protection against disease and violence for the people of Congo.

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