Sadie Grace Hammond & Victor Villarroel

Sadie Grace Hammond & Victor Villarroel


Talita Cumi is a children’s home housing up to 30 children ages 4-18 who come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Victor provides educational, social, and spiritual support through daily interactions with the children, which includes skills-building workshops like graphic design and photography. We both mentor children each week, allowing opportunities for spiritual discussions and healing from the adverse circumstances that landed the children into the system.

Victor also works with Latin Link, a partner mission agency, in the area of communications, helping to collect and share stories of Latin Americans who are being impacted by the Gospel every day!

Sadie Grace works with AVISA, a child sexual abuse prevention and detection program. Part of this work includes a vital workshop shared within schools and communities to teach topics like boundaries and how to report cases of abuse. I will also be working with the social worker to follow up on individual cases.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for transparency, honesty, wisdom, and justice within the Bolivian government.
  • Pray for the truth about Jesus Christ to be known, for Him to be known as a loving Father, and set apart from the indigenous and Catholic beliefs generally taught.
  • Pray for protection for children from sexual and physical abuse, for healing, and for nearness to their Heavenly Father.

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