Erika Fitzgerald

Erika Fitzgerald


I am serving in Mexico. I had the opportunity to serve alongside Sue Leak at the Victory Center in Morelia, Mexico for the 2015-2016 school year. I am excited that God has called me to return to the Victory Center. The Victory Center is currently operating as a community center. It offers classes to students in 1st-9th grade. The classes for elementary students focus on Math and Spanish, and the classes for middle school age students focus primarily on Math and English. When I served at the Victory Center before, I worked with small groups of students who had not learned how to read yet. Throughout the year I got to see many of these children gain confidence in themselves. God has created each of these children uniquely, but many of them do not see their own potential and sell themselves short. I am excited to return, so I will be able to share Christ with these children and help them understand their lives have meaning.

Prayer Requests:

  • For funds for a security system for the Victory Center.
  • For opportunities to share Christ with the students at the Victory Center
  • For resources to be able to put a roof on the court out back

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