Rawee & Nui B

Rawee & Nui B


We are serving in Thailand as missionaries with the UWM Bangkok Team in partnership with RCA Global Mission.

We love the city and Bangkok is a great city. In all great cities, we see and live amongst the most beautiful and at the same time the most broken. Yet God still calls us “to seek the welfare of the city” (Jer. 29:7). Our hope and prayer is to see the Gospel transform the city and the culture, where all people would have the opportunity to hear and experience the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our role is serve the church and future leaders through Gospel centered mentoring, coaching, and training in order to participate in a movement of church planting throughout this great city of Bangkok.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment over how to serve and minister effectively.
  • Please pray for deeper love and understanding of the culture and the city.
  • Please pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and impact us and all the people we minister with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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