Rollin & Wendy Grams

Rollin & Wendy Grams


Rollin and Wendy grew up in South Africa and have served in ministry in Europe, England, the USA, Africa, and South Africa. Rollin prepares men and women for ministry. He was called to mission work while completing his doctoral studies in New Testament through his of experience teaching in Singapore. He has taught the Bible, set up educational programs, and published in Biblical studies, missions, and ethics over the years. Wendy is a teacher with worldwide experience in education.

Rollin is the Director of Studies for East Mountain in South Africa. East Mountain is a United World Mission learning community serving the Church by training persons through courses, spiritual formation, mentoring in ministry, and internships. Rollin also develops partnerships, produces learning materials, and writes books, articles, and a blog for ministry.

Wendy teaches children while also helping missionaries in homeschooling. She is also a resource to persons in the area of special education and maintains a blog for teachers.

Pray Requests:

  • For faculty, staff, and students at East Mountain training sites in South Africa.
  • For development of programs, partnerships, and materials for East Mountain training in discipleship and ministry and for teaching children and helping missionary families educate their children.
  • For support needs and our family (children: David, James, and Rachel).

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