Chad & Ruthanne Lynch

Chad & Ruthanne Lynch


We are serving in Chile with the Mapuche people.

For the last 10 years, we have been ministering among the Mapuche, an indigenous people group in southern Chile. Mapuches traditionally follow an animistic religion which shapes their worldview. Most speak Spanish but the older generation typically speak their indigenous language, Mapudungun. Many are subsistence farmers living in the rural areas, although the younger generation are becoming college educated and live in the cities.

We partner with nationals in community development and the equipping of churches to reach their communities with the Gospel. Our focus is discipleship, mentoring and leadership training of small groups. We encourage believers to come along side those in need, modeling God’s love in action: cutting wood, mending fences and listening to those who are suffering. This is Life-on-Life discipleship. We also work with PEPE, a program where preschool teachers are trained to share the love of God with their students in the local schools.

Prayer Requests:

  • Local leaders be raised up to impact their communities with the Gospel.
  • The Bible translation into Mapudungun has begun on the Old Testament; pray for accurate translation and a desire among the people to have the scriptures in their heart language.
  • Resolution of conflicts regarding land disputes; reconciliation and peace in the region.

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