Daniel & Shelly Young

Daniel & Shelly Young


In June 2022 we completed our ministry assignment at El Monte where I did maintenance work and mentoring of students as well as giving talks to maintenance workers, while Shelly was an English Phonetics teacher as well as a mentor to students.

Currently we are in a time of investigation regarding our next ministry assignment. From August to December 2022 we will be visiting different ministries of interest, as well as taking a short Home Ministry Assignment on the West Coast.

We are looking at various ministries, though Shelly is keenly interested in focusing on human trafficking. El Pozo de Vida, is one such ministry, and is only about 20 minutes from where we currently reside.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for HOPE in this journey of investigation into Human Trafficking.
  • Pray for JOY as we trust God for the next step of ministry.
  • Pray for SENSITIVITY to the Holy Spirit’s voice as He works in our hearts during this process.

Stay in Touch:
Email: daniel.young@uwm.org