Jimmy Vitello


I am part of the Church Collaboration Team. This team is in contact with local church Pastors and Mission Committees to aid them in their fulfillment of the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the church. We aid and encourage the local church in uncovering the missionaries in their congregations as well as aiding in their training and calling. Once that has been established, we help the church get their missionary onto the appropriate field of service. Once fielded, we stay in touch with both the local church and the missionary and offer care, encouragement and further aids until the missionary returns home at which time we aid in their care and reentry into the local church.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that the Lord would send more workers.
  • Please pray that we maintain a high level of prayer support.
  • Please pray for local Pastors and Missionary Committees that the Spirit of God would reveal to them the missionaries that he has placed within their local congregations.

Stay in Touch:
Email: jimmy.vitello@uwm.org