Urban Church Planting Team Member

Bangkok, Thailand is strategically located in the 10/40 window, where most of the unreached people of the world live. While Bangkok is a major developing city, it is still considered to be unreached, with little access and resources to the Gospel. Currently, 99% of Thais are Buddhist while less than 1% are Christian.

The UWM Bangkok Team desires to walk alongside Thais of all backgrounds. Through their partnerships, they do ministry alongside Thai women coming out of prostitution, marginalized Thai and refugee families, and young professional Thais. The team believes that the Gospel is an invitation of hope offered to all people, regardless of where they come from.

Job Function:

Team members will be placed in a historic faith community ministering to college and young professionals in urban Bangkok to help form a new congregation focused on discipleship, leadership development, and prayer. Urban Bangkok has experienced tremendous change in the last decade, where students and young professionals have lacked a spiritual home that intersects with the reality of multiculturalism (Western and Eastern cultures) and multilingual contexts (English and Thai). Team members will be helping form and cultivate a safe community of learning, discovery, and deepening of faith. A new congregation is being formed to address the changing landscape of the city. Team members will participate in building relationships around spiritual conversations, initiate opportunities for community outreach (local, university campus, and marketplace), and help develop and equip others to share and live out the Gospel.

Job Requirements:

Team members are required to have a posture of learning, compassionate curiosity, and desire to try new things. A love of God’s word and desire for people to experience the truths of God is critical as they will take part in discipleship pathways. Lastly, hospitality is also a very important gifting needed to help others feel comfortable and welcomed in the new and expanding community being formed.