Seminary Professors & Staff

Gang violence and drug trafficking turned much of Mexico’s northern border region into ghost towns as residents fled to safety. Like an oasis of peace and life, Seminario Todas las Naciones (STN) remains untouched and safe in the center of this border region, a short distance from Ciudad Juarez and just over the border from the US. STN seeks to train pastors, missionaries, and other church leaders – rooting them in sound biblical doctrine through residential, online, and Saturday intensive programs – to be a light in their communities throughout Mexico.

Join the faculty and staff at Seminario Todas las Naciones in their mission to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders in Mexico. They need short and long-term faculty with PhDs who could teach Old and New Testament, theology, missiology, and practical theology. There are opportunities for those with music degrees to teach in their sacred music program and for ESL/TESOL instructors. They are also looking for additional staff members including a chaplain, counselors, librarians, and facility maintenance staff.