Seminary Professor

Unibautista is a TEI partnered theological community founded in 2003 as a successor to the International Baptist Theological Seminary of Cali (Seminario Teológico Bautista Internacional de Cali), which itself was established in 1953. We offer four degree programs, each of them recognized by the National Education Ministry of Colombia:

  • An in-person theological program with some 135 students
  • A virtual theological program with approximately 300 students
  • An in-person Psycho-Spiritual Care specialization, currently with 15 students
  • A virtual Master of Theology program with enrollment at this moment of 9 students

Unibautista has a large campus with offices, classrooms, a chapel, green areas, and apartments for students and visitors.  Photos of our campus can be viewed here.

Unibautista promotes students’ involvement with churches and ministries, especially through our Practical Ministry course. We have a strong emphasis on peace building and pedagogy for peace, which we’re currently implementing through various projects in Cali, Buenaventura, the Cauca department, and Nariño, in Colombia’s southwest.

Unibautista participates in municipal and departmental committees for religious liberty and reconciliation and territorial peace.

Unibautista’s student body represents more than twenty-two denominations and churches, of which about 15% are Baptist.

Teaching Opportunities

  • Theology – a research-passionate theology professor with a doctorate who is interested in Latin American theology.
  • Administration and Leadership – a professor with a graduate degree in this field, complemented by a vision for developing this field at our institution.
  • Homiletics – a professor with a graduate degree who is familiar with current trends and challenges in homiletics and is familiar with the field of communications and the use of new media in preaching.