Teachers and Staff

BridgeWay Mexico is a new international Christian school near the university area of Coyoacán, Mexico City. Families are attracted to BridgeWay by the promise of spending half of their day in an English immersion experience, led by a teacher from the United States or Canada. The school is outreach-oriented, seeking to draw a wide variety of students–Christian and non-Christian, Mexicans and expatriates–and pointing them to Christ.

Teachers preferably have teaching credentials, but exceptions will be considered. BridgeWay desires teachers with a contagious Christian faith, a genuine love for students, and the ability to work well in cross-cultural teams. Spanish is not required, but it is helpful. The school will pay a stipend to help cover living expenses. Current full-time openings for the 2019-2020 school year include the following:

Pre-School Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
5th-6th Grade Teacher
Junior High Teachers
Afterschool Program Facilitator
Special Education Teacher
4th Grade Teacher

For more information check out Bridegway’s website.