Ethnomusicologist / Musician

A local fellowship invites people to learn about Christ, yet without denying their local culture and family background or needing to become westernized.

Our families are looking for teammates to promote and encourage indigenous, local expressions of South Asian art and music. We have the cultural know-how and ongoing relationships and are looking for more teammates to help execute new ideas to have an impact on people’s lives. As a part of this fellowship and movement, we invite creatives to help us preserve the culture and language of the local people through music.

There are several ways you could serve. As our teammate, you could…

• assist local partners with content creation of storytelling in their own language.
• work with local recording artists to preserve and promote their music.
• teach music of various kinds to local people.
• learn local classical music and participate in performances and cultural events.
• start songwriting workshops for local people to retain and celebrate their music and storytelling.

1. Musically inclined.
2. Relational-and-people oriented.
3. Tech savvy (especially if you have video recording or audio engineering skills.)
4. An entrepreneurial spirit, with a flexible attitude and perseverance.
5. A commitment to learning a new language and culture.
6. A humble attitude of respect for different cultures.
7. A team player yet one with a self-starting/independent attitude.