Business Startup Entrepreneur

A small group of families are looking for teammates to pioneer new creative business opportunities in an urban South Asian setting. We have the cultural know-how and are looking for more teammates to help execute new ideas that can have an impact on people’s lives.

We are looking for a visionary entrepreneur, willing to try and execute different projects. We have a million ideas, but need help executing them. If someone also has their own idea, we are willing to help that person get their feet off the ground as a part of our community. We are also open to coaching and helping those who have their own ideas and want to experiment launching into new areas.


  1. An entrepreneurial spirit, with a flexible attitude and perseverance.
  2. A commitment to learning a new language and culture.
  3. A humble attitude of respect for different cultures.
  4. A team player yet one with a self-starting/independent attitude.