Theological Education Consultants


Theological Education Consultants (TECs) play a critical role in supporting over 100 seminary partners across 50+ countries. Recently they helped shepherd the transition from virtual/remote learning to hybrid or in-person, and as a result, most partner schools have returned to in-person classes, with others offering hybrid options.

Institutes for Excellence:
TECs hosted six Institutes providing training to 399 seminary leaders from 111 schools representing 45
countries. The Institutes focused on equipping seminary leaders with sustainable business models and
curriculum development skills. In 2023, we aim to double the number of leaders served to 400+ through
our Institutes for Excellence, with exponential impact in their respective seminaries.

Local Online: A Global Strategy (LOGS)
The LOGS initiative launched by Local Leaders International in 2021 aims to develop robust online education programs that are sensitive to each region. Through partnership with affiliates the strategy aims to assist more than 200 seminaries worldwide to increase enrollment by more than 10,000 students through online education.

In 2022, Theological Education Consultants were instrumental in conducting faculty workshops to develop skills in online teaching and designing online courses. They also worked with seminaries to upgrade their technology
infrastructure for delivery of their online courses.

Scholarships were also a key area of support provided by our team. In 2022, OC distributed over $490,000 in scholarship money to 67 schools, benefitting over 815 students.