Overseas Council End of Year Campaign


We are excited to share an opportunity for you to DOUBLE your gift to the Year-End Fund and contribute to this vision through a special matching grant from our UWM Board of Directors, dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000! Your gift will assist to fully fund our ten Regional Directors, as well as other top ministry needs.

Our Regional Directors are highly respected men and women recognized regionally and globally for their expertise and experience in both the Church and in the academic world. These local nationals shoulder the burdens of our ministry in very challenging settings. Through their relationships and networks they:

  • Know the most pressing training needs and opportunities to equip current and future church leaders in their regions.
  • Serve seminaries and churches in their regions as advisors and educators to strengthen seminary leaders and faculties, facilitate partnerships and foster innovation.
  • Annually coach and train over 300 leaders representing 100 seminaries in 70 countries, equipping them to run Bible-centered institutions of excellence and repute.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity in support of global theological education and our Regional Directors.