Ukraine – Seminary Leaders Retreat


The ongoing war in Ukraine has taken a considerable toll on the lives of countless refugees and internally displaced persons. Within this context, the network of Ukrainian seminaries affiliated with United World Mission’s Overseas Council (OC) ministry has been actively engaged in providing crucial support to over 400,000 war refugees and others in need. Their dedication, combined with your financial partnership, has been remarkably successful and has made a tremendous difference. However, the immense challenges have left seminary leaders physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained.

Oleksandr Geychenko, President of the Odesa Theological Seminary, explains, “We are all working at the edge.” Seminary leadership teams have become emotionally and spiritually fatigued. Since December, seminary leaders have openly expressed their growing need for relief, rest, and refreshment. Geychenko adds, “It would be good for our team to have some time to get away to a different place. We need time for resting and refreshing.” Now, with most seminaries winding down their direct assistance for refugees and returning to their core educational mission, the Lord is leading UWM to intentionally respond to the felt needs of those who have given sacrificially to others for months on end, and in so doing, to help them in the process of rebuilding theological education in Ukraine. The goal of this retreat, organized for August 2023 and resourced by OC (UWM), is to provide Ukrainian seminary leadership teams with an opportunity to step away from their daily environments and immerse themselves in a setting that promotes rest, spiritual care, healing and fellowship.



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