T & L S


Both Laurie and I (Tim) were born the the Cincinnati (OH) area. By a circuitous route we found one another when we were working for the same professor with matchmaking help from his wife. After we married, I (Tim) continued with archaeological work in Jordan and finished my education with a PhD at The Catholic University of America. I have worked in the pastorate along with various roles in the local church, including chairing the missions committee.

Laurie, being a preacher’s kid, traveled with her working parents to various pastorates. She developed an interest in Egyptology, but spent the bulk of her career in textiles and the fashion industry. She is excited, as am I, with the prospects of the next chapter of our lives working in the Lord’s fields.

We look forward to equipping present and future leaders of the church wherever the Lord leads us.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for us as we work through the process of gaining ministry partners.
  • Please pray for the field where we will be working with God’s help.
  • Please pray for our continued openness to God’s direction.

Stay in Touch:
Email: timothy.snow@uwm.org