Jocabed Solano

Jocabed Solano


I work as the Co-Director of Memoria Indígena, a project promoted by the Peruvian Christian organization, Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope).

Recognizing God’s movement among Indigenous peoples, the ministry that I am involved in looks to record, compile and publish all the stories and testimonies we can find that speak to the birth and life of evangelical churches among Indigenous people of Abya Yala (Latin America and the Caribbean). The central focus is the production of biographical material, histories of distinct communities of faith, testimonies and stories of historical events that have played a significant role in the founding and life of Christian Indigenous churches.

My work is to recognize Indigenous Christian leaders who have been working to tell their story, and in order to shape their community’s identity, walk alongside them so that together we can tell our stories and celebrate and learn together about how different Indigenous peoples express or manifest their experience with God.

Prayer Requests:

  • For discernment and guidance on our team, as well as both spiritual and economic sustenance as a missionary in the Indigenous communities.
  • That each day God will add more Indigenous writers and more churches, donors, partner organizations and institutions who wish to collaborate with us in this project.
  • For the grace for our team to listen and recognize one another, and learn and grow together as we live and travel throughout different Indigenous communities, facilitating workshops, conferences, dialogues, etc.

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