Kevin & Leah Book-Satterlee

Kevin & Leah Book-Satterlee


We are serving in Spain with SEPAL.

Now based in southern Spain, we are opening a new site for Avance to help young adults explore their missional call alongside and under the small Spanish church. The first group of Avance participants will be arriving in early 2018. Leah has a passion for spiritual formation, having been a part of Avance’s push in Mexico, and will continue to develop this key aspect for Avance España. Kevin also serves as the coordinator of Avance’s (both Mexico and España) MTh partnership with South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and is concurrently pursuing his PhD in Theological Education with SATS, focusing on experiential learning.

Besides this call to serve as directors of Avance España. Kevin and Leah, joined by Eliana, Owen, and Lydia, see our lives as impacting young adults and families from all walks of life to participate in God’s restoration of the world.

Prayer Requests:

  • Launching Avance España
  • Connecting with local and national ministry partners
  • Serving in our local church

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