Pablo & Jane Carrillo

Pablo & Jane Carrillo


As new open doors have opened for Latin American missionaries to serve in restricted access countries they are learning how to share His love effectively with their new neighbors and more local people are asking to be told more about Jesus.

Pablo and Jane Carrillo founded PMI (PM Internacional), a Latin missionary agency in Spain, that channels Latin missionaries to restricted access countries. Also they founded the Seminar Raymond Lull, an orientation course for the Latin Church who is planning to get involved in reaching out to people from those countries.

They reside in Spain and have three children; Natasha married to Graham, Yusef married to Emily, Yamila and three grandchildren.

The Carrillo’s ask, “Pray for us as a family, for the Latin churches getting involved in our ministry and pray for the large number of Latin Americans who are beginning their missionary service in restricted access countries. Pray for the newly established churches in those countries.” Your support helps the Seminar Raymond Lull to be presented throughout the whole Latin American continent and provide pastoral care for these Latin workers in the field; encouraging them live among those people, love them in Jesus Christ and to have a fruitful ministry.

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