India: MEDIC – Bihar

India: MEDIC – Bihar


There are 110,000,000 people in this state in South Asia, and over half of them survive on less than $1.25 per day. This income has to provide for all of their economic, social, and physical needs.

But is giving them more money the answer? How much is enough? What is the value of survival, happiness or dignity? What do you do with the dependency issue? When does it simply become toxic charity? This ministry is a pioneering, faith-based economic and community development organization. Our work focuses on providing economically sustainable opportunities to those at the grass roots level. We are committed to the vision of building sustainable communities with hope for the future, based on the Four Pillar philosophy of Enterprise Development, Education, Medical, and Spiritual Development.

The key platform that launches this work is a holistic enterprise-development program that encompasses micro-business training, micro-business finance, instruction in a range of life skills, and education. Our programs transform lives by unleashing the belief that: the poor can succeed when given the right opportunities, built around a strong values-based approach.