Colombia: Fundacion Union Biblica Displaced Children



After 35 years of child evangelism being conducted on streets and sidewalks, Scripture Union Colombia has decided to build a very simple structure on a piece of donated land.

The structure will consist of a fair-sized cement floor under a thatched roof covered by corrugated siding. The roof will be light in weight bu well anchored, as things that are not fixed down tend to disappear in San Felipe.

A brick and mortar construction of a kitchen, small housing unit for a caretaker and bathroom will compliment a good sized storage unit at the back of the property.

It will then be time to inaugurate this small piece of heaven, where God will meet many young children in the years to come, many of whom are caught up in under-aged sex trafficking.

We must keep firm, but not naive, resolute but careful. San Felipe is the very heart, the feeding ground from where Jim Caviezel and the Sound of Freedom was fashioned.